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I'm a critical thinker and a creator. I enjoy solving challenging problems and building solutions from start to finish. My favorite creative medium is programming, which I enjoy doing for fun and for work.

As a Software Engineer at CrowdStrike, I work on one of the most interesting challenges we face today: stopping breaches. I build features and products that provide our customers insight and control over their environments. As a cloud engineer, I develop microservices in Go that operate at scale and use technologies such as Kubernetes, Kafka, and AWS. I also write scripts in Python and Bash to accelerate my daily workflows.

In my free time, I enjoy programming in Flutter, contributing to the open source community, learning more about technology and development best-practices, and honing my technical and soft skills.

At this point in my career, my goals are to learn as much as possible and meet new people with unique perspectives, so please contact me if you have any tips, tricks, advice, or learning opportunities I might be interested in, or if you want to learn more about my experiences!

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Software Engineer


June 2022 - Present

CrowdStrike Website
  • Developed customer facing features for CrowdStrike's Extended Detection and Response (XDR) product.
  • Implemented features in a Go microservice architecture with an emphasis on fault-tolerance, scalability, and high-availability.
  • Collaborated remotely with an international team. Worked directly with senior leadership and incorporated feedback as part of an iterative development cycle.

Software Engineer Intern


May 2021 - August 2021

CrowdStrike Website
  • Migrated cloud microservices written in Go to modules using Jenkins CI pipelines and Spinnaker for CD to a multi-cloud environment. Documented migration workflow and presented work and findings to the Cloud engineering team.
  • Independently developed a tool using bash and python to create directed graphs of Go package dependencies. The tool was adopted by the Cloud Developer Experience team to help visualize and plan the module migration project.
  • Worked as an SDET and improved the quality of existing features by writing integration tests to validate public microservice API endpoints using the pytest framework.

Software Engineer Associate

Learning A-Z

September 2020 - April 2021

Learning A-Z Website
  • Navigated a code base of over 80,000 files to diagnose issues, locate problematic code, and develop an effective solution while increasing the quality of the existing code. Created detailed bug reports using FogBugz issue tracking software.
  • Followed an efficient workflow, using Git and GitLab to create branches with proposed fixes and open merge requests to patch changes into the product. Successfully merged 26 branches after undergoing code review by senior engineers.
  • Participated in weekly code inspections with a team of 7 engineers of varying experience to refine clean code practices.

Software Engineer Intern

Learning A-Z

May 2020 - August 2020

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Learning A-Z Website
  • Implemented a user-facing search feature using object-oriented PHP patterns, AngularJS components, complex MySQL statements, Solr full-text search indexing, and Git for version control. Project consisted of 1,300 lines of code across 21 files and included unit tests developed with the PHPUnit framework that reached 88% line coverage.
  • Communicated frequently with a mentor and a team of 90+ engineers to learn the existing product codebase.
  • Researched web application technology stacks and presented findings in a live demonstration that outlined how to stand up the LAMP stack on a Digital Ocean server in 10 minutes using Git and GitHub for development and deployment.


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University of Michigan, Ann Arbor
Class of 2022, Honors Program
L.S.A. Computer Science B.S.
G.P.A.: 3.5/4.0



October 2021 - Present

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Package on
  • Published an open-source Flutter package supported on iOS, Android, and web that follows Dart file conventions, uses standardized static analysis and linting, includes public dartdoc documentation, and is null safe.
  • Maintained the project on GitHub by writing documentation for contributors, triaging issues, reviewing pull requests, and tagging and releasing updates using semantic versioning.
  • Utilized GitHub Actions to run a suite of tests on proposed changes and maintain a minimum of 90% line coverage.
  • Contributed to the open source Flutter project on GitHub by claiming open issues, implementing effective solutions, and landing pull requests to merge changes. Successfully resolved 3 issues related to the Flutter framework with pull requests.
  • Conducted extensive quality assurance on proposed changes using mutation testing, regression testing, CI testing, code reviews, and static analysis. Wrote required unit tests for changes which achieved 100% line coverage.
  • Communicated with Google developers to elicit requirements, clarify quality assurance standards, and conduct code reviews, while also engaging in the Flutter contributor community to discuss issues and provide support.

Library System

June 2020

View on GitHub
  • Built a full-stack library system with user accounts, book management, and search functionality, with an emphasis on using practical security measures such as prepared statements, password salting and hashing, and account validation.
  • Used object-oriented PHP for APIs and interfaces, MySQL to store user and book information, AngularJS to display books and fetch data dynamically, HTML for static elements, and CSS for styling.
  • Relied on internal APIs for searching and managing the library database and utilized an external public API for dynamically generating book information when adding new books.


Michigan Hackers

Security Team Lead

April 2020 - April 2022

Michigan Hackers Website
  • Prepared for and competed in multiple Capture the Flag competitions including the University of Texas CTF where our team of 4 placed in the 77th percentile out of 697 teams.
  • Developed weekly practice challenges and presented solutions in live demonstrations to teach new members about web security, app security, forensics, reverse engineering, and cryptography.

Core Team Member

Jan 2020 - April 2020

  • Joined the Security Team, working with 15+ other members to learn and practice security concepts in the Linux environment.
  • Worked with the Interviewing Director to gain practical interviewing experience, perform mock-interviews, critique resumes, solve practice programming problems, and prepare for career fairs and company events.


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